Birthday Reflections

When I woke up today to get my kids ready for school my son smiled, hugged me, and gave me a card that he created. A simple, perfect birthday card with a drawing of the two of us. He hugged me again, said he loved me, wished me happy birthday, and went about his morning routine.

A short while later I was able to surprise my daughter and be her kindergarten class’s “mystery reader”. Each week they have a mystery reader show up and read a book to them. As I entered the room, the smile on her face was bigger than I’d ever seen and she jumped up and ran to me. We hugged, I said I loved her, and then I read a book to her class. The smile never left her face.

I made it home just in time to catch my wife before she went to work. We hugged, kissed, and off she went. (In case I haven’t mentioned it before, my wife is amazing)

I’m telling you all this because, while my blog has been about my weight loss journey, it is only a small portion of me.

My weight loss is not the key to happiness. It is one small step on an ever evolving map. And everyone’s map is different. I was unhappy with who I was as a person when I was overweight. How I acted. The bitterness and anger that it brought out. And yet, even after dropping 82 pounds, I am not instantly a better person. That takes work too.

We need to enjoy the little things in life that may seem small. A hug from a child, a moment with a loved one, a laugh, a sunrise, a memory of long ago.

I’m forty-one years old today. Memories of my youth now dance alongside my children as they create their own. All points on my personal map.

Take a moment today to find that small moment of joy you may have overlooked. Sometimes the smallest things can bring the greatest joy.