Ninja dad?!?

I’m going to be an American Ninja Warrior. Yeah, you heard me. This 40 year old, arthritic, obese stay-at-home dad is going to be an American Ninja Warrior. I’m crazy, I know. I’m also serious. During today’s weigh-in, the scale informed me that I am 30 pounds lighter than I was on January 1st. 30 […]

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A stumble

It’s here. I knew it was coming. I knew this moment would happen. A stumble on my mission. Over the last week I have been less disciplined on my food tracking. A little more careless on how much and what I’m eating. Even if my eventual goal is to be able to eat without tracking, […]

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Hammer Time!

I last wore this suit in December. The buttons were popping off the jacket and the pants were bursting at the waist. Now there is room to breathe in the suit and I’m down two belt loops. Not to mention the pants are starting to look like hammer pants. CAN’T TOUCH THIS!

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The Keto Box

As a Christmas present, my wife signed me up for The Keto Box. A monthly mystery box filled with keto goodness. Today I received my first box! IT HAS A CHOCOLATE BAR IN IT!!

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25 Flippin’ Pounds Gone!

HOLY MOLY WHERE DID IT GO?!?! 25 pounds. 25 pounds that I had with me at the end of 2017 are now gone. Forever. I lost them…And I’m never going to look for them. They are lost like a single sock in a drier. Lost like Jack and Kate and no, we DON’T have to […]

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37 Days and Counting

Thirty seven days. That’s how long I have been on this keto friendly journey. In that time I still have not eaten cereal, chips, ice cream, crackers, cookies, pasta, rice, beans. I have not eaten a handful of whatever lunch or snack I prepare for my kids. My family had Smores, I did not. My […]

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Robert and the ER

The plan that I came up with sometime in mid-2017 was to work on me, as a person. Work on my depression, my anger, my frustration with being overweight and then, when my mind was in the right spot, turn my attention to the number on the scale. Get my mind right, then work on […]

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My weight

It really is hard for me to talk about how much I weigh or share photos of how I look. It embarrasses me. Just saying the number out loud makes me cringe. For the longest time I thought being fat meant I was a failure. I was embarrassed meeting my wife’s coworkers because I felt […]

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Bacon burger!!

Not having bread during this diet has been rough, I’ll admit that. No cookies, crackers, bagels, donuts, etc etc. But I have found a keto friendly bread and holy moly!!! Cheeseburger!!!

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I refuse

I refuse to believe I will fail. I refuse to believe that I can’t get healthy again. I refuse to believe that I will always be fat and in pain. I refuse to allow my fears to control me. I believe in myself. I believe I will do this. I believe I will succeed. I […]

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Standing on My Wall

I’ve said in past posts, 300 pounds is my wall. Mentally. I have tried to lose weight before and plateau at 300. Or I get just below it and plateau then gain it back. I have not weighed less than 290 in a LONG time. As of today, I have reached 300 pounds. I have […]

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Losing Weight and Your Mind

Every diet plan and workout routine has a clear path to follow. Eat this, don’t eat that, do this workout routine on these days, hop on one leg, bark like a dog (a big dog). Ok that last part was from Coming to America but you get the point. They all have a plan on […]

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300 can kiss my grits 

300 pounds. I don’t know how many times I have tried to lose weight over the years only to run into a brick wall when I reach 300 pounds. No matter what I do, no matter the diet or lifestyle change or workout I start…once I lose enough weight and reach 300, I don’t go […]

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I hate this

Ok, I hate this part. I hate photos of me unless they hide my belly, my balding head, my flabby arms. I loathe pictures of me. Burning hatred.  So posting a pic of me while not sucking in my gut or pulling my pants up above my belly button to hide the pudge, is really […]

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Since starting this diet I’ve eaten pizza made from eggs and husk powder, lots of avocados, blueberry smoothies made with almond milk, flax seeds, and chia seeds, hamburgers without buns!, and chicken stuffed zucchini boats!  All delicious.

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So…I’m pretty excited about my progress in the 12 days since I’ve started. I’m not starving myself, I’m eating healthy choices, I’m not snacking. Yes I miss a good pint of ice cream or a bowl of cereal or a giant bowl of queso…but as I’ve heard before, “nothing tastes as good as being fit […]

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What foods have I avoided

Here is a list of foods (which I eat often) that I have avoided since starting the Keto Diet nine days ago:  Breads, milk, potato chips, cereal, oatmeal, tortillas, sugar in my coffee, honey, ice cream, juice, fried food, preservative filled food.  Here is a list of food that I am eating:  Chicken, beef, eggs, […]

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My plan

So, as someone who has tried various diets and work out regimes and lifestyle changes am I movijng forward with this current move forward?  On January 1st I started the Keto diet. The controversial low carb, high fat and protein diet. I’m also tracking my intake and calories on Myfitnesspal.  I understand the controversy […]

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