First 8 Minute Mile EVER

In my entire 41 years on this Earth I’ve never been a good runner. My step brother ran cross country and I tried to run with him once. I lasted maybe a quarter of a mile before I realized he was insane.

Then with age and excuses came the extra pounds, the arthritis, more excuses, yadda yadda you know the story.

Screw all that. I’m 41 and I’ll be dammed if I let age be the excuse I use to not get in shape. I made a goal of being a ninja warrior when I first started my weight loss journey. I’m going to add to it. I’m going to be a tough mudder. Bring on the electrocution and ice water jumps and long distance obstacle madness. BRING IT ON.

Oh, and today I ran an 8 minute mile. In my entire life I’ve never run under an 11 minute mile. Not 20 years ago in college, not in high school. Never. As in, never.

Well, 41 years old and now I am staring at 7 minutes. I’m coming for you 7 minutes. YOU’RE MINE!

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