Life Without Keto

Since January my eating habits have revolved around an ultra low carb, high fat diet. 25 grams of carbs a day, which is not a lot AT ALL. For comparison, one bagel is usually two days worth of carbs.

I never planned to stay keto for 8 months but it worked so darn well I figured, why not?! (Much to the displeasure of my mom who worried I was hurting myself with all the fat in my diet…fyi, I tested my cholesterol regularly and it never spiked. But I appreciated her concern)

Keto was never going to be a lifestyle change for me. I always planned on moving away from it. So this week I decided to make that move.

This past Monday I switched from ultra low carb, high fat, moderate protein eating to a more balanced macros eating. In a nutshell, that means I can eat carbs again!! In fact, I just finished eating scrambled eggs on top of Ezekiel bread!

One of the reasons I made this switch now is because my children both started school and I’m upping my workouts at #9round kickboxing. More working out, more carbs needed to keep my body strong.

I’m still on a calorie count, I’m still not eating sweets and pizzas and cereal and all those indulgent foods I love so much. I still have 20-25 pounds I want to lose. Today I weigh 242 pounds. I started at 320. Keto is a major part of that. But that journey has ended and a new one is beginning.

I got this.

Below are two pictures. The first is me in December, in the ER, when the final push to change happened. The second is me now.

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