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I’m going to be an American Ninja Warrior.

Yeah, you heard me. This 40 year old, arthritic, obese stay-at-home dad is going to be an American Ninja Warrior.

I’m crazy, I know. I’m also serious.

During today’s weigh-in, the scale informed me that I am 30 pounds lighter than I was on January 1st.

30 pounds.

That’s like, 120 quarter pounders from McDonald’s.

So, feeling invincible as I am right now, I want to set some crazy goal to strive for. I used to want to run a marathon just so I could say I could. While that still is a possibility, I think I want to be a ninja warrior.

What makes it harder is the fact I’ve never, in my entire life, done a pull up.

Never. Not once. Not even close to once.



I’m crazy.

Crazy serious.

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