A stumble

It’s here. I knew it was coming. I knew this moment would happen. A stumble on my mission. Over the last week I have been less disciplined on my food tracking. A little more careless on how much and what I’m eating. Even if my eventual goal is to be able to eat without tracking, for now I need it to help me.

I don’t think I’ve gained any weight. Maybe a pound. But it’s the lack of discipline that is creeping in. The gateway to my giving up. I’ve been through it before. Get a little loose with the directions and eventually I’m face deep in ice cream and a third bowl of Coco Puffs.

BUT, the good news is I am aware. Today I, reluctantly, completed day 2 of an Ab challenge. Sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, planks. Oh how I wanted to skip and eat an uncounted breakfast. But I didn’t.

Take each meal, each day, each moment as it comes. Don’t think of tomorrow when you can’t focus enough on now.

So that’s what I’m doing. Focusing on each moment. Getting through each moment. Tracking each meal. I’m allowed to stumble. I’m just not allowed to use that as an excuse.


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