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37 Days and Counting

Thirty seven days. That’s how long I have been on this keto friendly journey. In that time I still have not eaten cereal, chips, ice cream, crackers, cookies, pasta, rice, beans. I have not eaten a handful of whatever lunch or snack I prepare for my kids. My family had Smores, I did not. My family had queso at a restaurant. I did not.

So how do I feel? AMAZING. I might not have been eating what I used to eat but I am eating great food. And not snacking has helped me sooo much. I’m down 22 pounds, I have energy all day, I’m feeling great.

(Side note, I have been dealing with a nasty cough and some congestion, which I will be seeing a doctor about today)

But other than that, I am feeling awesome.

Dropping weight has slowed a LOT since I started but I expected that. I never thought I’d lose a pound a day like I was in the beginning. Now I’m happy for a pound a week.

So, here we are, onwards and upwards. To infinity and beyond. Live long and prosper. May the force be with you. Have a smurferrific day.

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