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Losing Weight and Your Mind

Every diet plan and workout routine has a clear path to follow. Eat this, don’t eat that, do this workout routine on these days, hop on one leg, bark like a dog (a big dog). Ok that last part was from Coming to America but you get the point. They all have a plan on how to lose weight. Yet there is one area that they don’t cover in detail, or at all in many cases. They don’t cover how to get your mind prepared to make a change. You can be handed a meal plan, a workout routine, and a week of groceries but if you are not ready, mentally, to go through with it then your chances of failure grow.

Speaking for myself, I can talk my way out of any healthy change in diet or exercise. I sneak junk food and act like if nobody saw me then I wasn’t cheating. I can drive up to the gym, sit in my car, and convince myself that making the effort to drive to the gym was enough. And then when I openly break with the plan and quit, I blame my lack of weight loss as why I quit and not on all the cheating I did. “Well, I tried, it didn’t work. Hey where did all the candy go?”

Fighting your own insecurities and fears is as hard as any calorie counted meal plan. It’s hard to escape from yourself. You’re always there.

Getting myself into the right mental state has been a major part of my current situation. I am working on my mind as hard, if not harder, than I am working on shrinking my gut. It has helped my attitude at home, with friends, with life in general. It has helped me stay focused with this new diet and health plan.

Feed your mind with healthy ingredients and it will work as well as a diet.

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