My plan

So, as someone who has tried various diets and work out regimes and lifestyle changes am I movijng forward with this current move forward? 

On January 1st I started the Keto diet. The controversial low carb, high fat and protein diet. I’m also tracking my intake and calories on Myfitnesspal. 

I understand the controversy behind the diet. Extreme low carbs while eating more fat sounds a tad off. I get that. But look at my daily menu: 

For breakfast usually have eggs and some bacon and maybe half an avocado. For lunch it is a healthy salad with chicken and some green vegetables. Dinner is a protein with avocado and some green veggies. I use olive oil when cooking on the grill. I add mct oil to my coffee (If I drink a glass). 

My plan is to do the Keto diet for a month or two and then switch it up to, most likely, the Mediterranean diet, which has room for carbs. 

My biggest issue is overeating and snacking.  Especially with carbs. I can eat a whole row of Ritz crackers in one sitting or grab a cold bagel as a snack. My portion sizes are WAY too big and I sneak in treats throughout the day. 

Tracking my food as well as being strict on carbs and snacks will greatly help me, I hope. 

So far so good. I have yet to cheat with any breads or milk. I have stuck by the diet and I feel great. Day 3 was rough, I admit. But that was expected. 


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